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Socks are mandatory at all times..
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Kids Activities

Little Super Market

Children need opportunities to blend their skills and knowledge together. In our well-stocked super market they group similar foods in sections of the store,....

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Junior Chef’s kitchen

A favourite with both boys and girls - here, the kids can play the roles of chef, restaurant staff, customers etc. We organize various related workshops from ....

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Little Doctor

Now alleviate your little one’s fear of visiting a doc forever. With our cute functional equipment in a doctor’s clinic including a bed, IV, and many more things....

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Toddler Soft Play

Let the kids develop their physical and gross motor skills in our separate toddler play area with soft foam slides, see-saw, merry-go-round and building blocks - all...

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Why Kids Stop

English Summer Camp

We have some special advanced English Summer camp courses for our kids of different age groups. We give concentration on both the skills, spoken as well as written skills. We improve the confidence in children while using the English language both written and spoken part. We even focus on the core skills, speaking, reading, writing and listening skills of the kids.

Drawing & Painting

The kids who are interested for drawing and painting, here we have a special course for them. We have some special groups and classes for the art lovers by the experienced tutors and experienced staff. We have different term programs for the kids who want to learn the art of drawing and painting. Our highly quality program gives a new vision to kids to see a new way through art.

Swimming Camp

We have a special swimming camp in this summer season for all the lovely kids out there. We have groups of kids, semiprivate or private classes for kids. Our swimming camp mainly focus on the beginners, teaching the basics, making kids comfortable in the water, and try to build skills in the kids. We teach all types of techniques to the kids while learning swimming. So come and join our swimming camp for fun as well as for learning new lesson of life.

Picnic Cafe

Take time out at KidsStop to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee with a scrumptious slice of cake and watch your kids have a whale of a time ! Or if you are after something more substantial and are staying for lunch or tea, choose from a selection of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, burgers and more.

There’s lots of choice for the kids too. We offer a range healthy organic snacks, hot meals and lunch box options.

For parties, we have a special selection of buffet menu suitable for all ages. We provide snack boxes for nannies too.

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